• Luxury accommodation for 10 people
  • Near the North Sea
  • At the border between Zeeland and South Holland

Seaside holiday home for 10 people

Need a weekend getaway or a week with family or friends, perhaps also with yourdog? Book a seaside holiday home for 10 people at Ridderstee Ouddorp Duin. Situated ideally at walking distance from the beach. The children can enjoy themselves for hours on the beach making sandcastles, searching for seashells or just playing in the water. Besides walks and lounging on the beach, you can also play games or fly kites. A luxury holiday home for 10 people is exactly what you need after a long day on the beach. Wash off the sand under the rain shower, prepare dinner in the kitchen and enjoy the evening on the terrace. Isn't this what a perfect holiday should look like in a holiday home in Zeeland for 10 people?

Holiday homes for 10 people(2)

3 nights
2 people

Luxurioous holiday home for 10 people

Netherlands, Ouddorp
  • Wood-burning stove
  • Cooking island
  • Rain shower
  • Sunshower
3 nights
2 people

Comfort holiday home for 10 people

Netherlands, Ouddorp
  • Cooking island
  • Rain shower

Luxury holiday home for 10 people in the Netherlands

You can choose the type of holiday home for 10 people you wish for. The comfort holiday homes have five bedrooms with box-spring beds, three bathrooms with rain showers, a fancy kitchen with a cooking island, a spacious and charming living room and a deck terrace. Do you want an even more fancy seaside holiday home for 10 people? The luxury holiday homes have some extra amenities, such as a wood burner, a wine refrigerator, a double rain shower and a sunshower. Anyway, you will enjoy a high level of comfort. Our holiday homes for 10 people in Zeeland are situated in the midst of the dune scenery of Ouddorp. A wonderful place to spend your holiday!

Ridderstee Ouddorp Duin:

  • Sustainable holiday homes
  • 900 meters from the North Sea coast
  • Dogs are welcome
  • Close to Brouwersdam and lake Grevelingen
  • Peaceful and small-scale

Mood impression of our group accommodations by the sea for 10 people


Group accommodation for ten people

If you are looking for group accommodation for ten people, our vacation homes are also an excellent choice. Are you spending your vacation with a group of friends, a blended family, or together with grandpa and grandma? Our group accommodation for ten people in the Netherlands offers plenty of space and privacy for everyone with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. From the open kitchen, you can easily socialize with your group at the long table. Furthermore, in the living room, there is enough space for everyone to watch a movie together. During your vacation on Goeree-Overflakkee, you can enjoy more than enough fun excursions with your group. Our group accommodation for ten people is located on the border of South Holland and Zeeland. That sounds like the perfect vacation home for your group of up to ten people, right?


Our guests rate this accommodation with an average of 8.7.


Ouddorp: top seaside destination

Your stay in a luxury holiday home for 10 people in the Netherlands on our bungalow park in Ouddorp won't be complete without nice activities, right? Ouddorp is the ideal location for this. There are so many things to do in the surroundings that you will wish to stay longer. We have already prepared a list with a few suggestions for you below.

The nicest family outings:

🍦 Eat ice cream at the beach square of Ouddorp Duin. Various activities such as archery and laser games are organised here.

🐐 Visit the goat farm "De Mèkkerstee". If there are lambs, you might get lucky and be allowed to cuddle them!

🪁 Of course, a nice day on the beach flying kites, searching for seashells, swimming in the sea and walking on the beach is also idyllic.

The nicest outing with friends:

🏄 Various types of surfing, such as windsurfing or kitesurfing are all possible at the "Brouwersdam". Moreover, other activities can also be organised here on the beach.

🧘 After all the exertion, you also need some time for unwinding. Ideal for this is beach yoga, with your bare feet in the sand. Namaste!

🚴 Ride a bicycle and follow the routes along the water, through the dunes and polders. For a special experience, rent a Fat Bike or an E-scooter.

Rent a luxury holiday home for 10 people

Location: Ridderstee Ouddorp Duin