Ridderstee Ouddorp Duin
Patio of Bistro Skål

Food and drinks


Hallå! Welcome to Bistro Skål!

Skål (pronounced Skol) means "cheers" in Swedish. This name is appropriately chosen for the Scandinavian–style bistro and fits well with what guests love to do here: toast to the beautiful things in life and have a good time on the coast in a relaxed environment!

The bistro is invitingly and stylishly furnished and has an indoor (play) ground and a spacious patio with a beautiful view of thenatural swimming pond. In addition, these facilities are, of course, also accessible to you as a guest of Ridderstee Ouddorp Duin. During the (high) season, Bistro Skål also offers a daily bread rolls service and a takeout option for snacks and pizzas.

Bistro Skål is located at Vacation Park De Klepperstee, within walking distance of Ridderstee Ouddorp Duin.



Monday + Thursday to Sunday
From 10:00 a.m. 

closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

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